Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recent Happenings

Recently representatives of Children at the Well have had the honor of being invited by the International Center in Albany to meet with delegations of international visitors under the auspices of the US Department of State, through the INTERNATIONAL VISITOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM. Some of our youth tellers sang songs, told stories and answered questions about their participation in Children at the Well. They found the delegations truly surprised by and interested in our program. Many lively discussions ensued.

The visits we have been involved with so far have been:

      Inter-religious diversity and dialogue: A Project for the Kyrgyz Republic
      July 6 – 9, 2008

      Role of Religion in the U.S.: A Project for Jordan
      August 27 - 30, 2008

      Elementary and secondary school education issues: A Multi-Regional Project
      October 6 – 10, 2008

This last visit included educators from Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kosovo, Liberia, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey!

We were graciously invited to come to tell stories and present to the educators and congregation of St. Francis DeSales Church in Loudonville, and were recipients of generous donations from the congregation. (Does someone out there know of a congregation of a different tradition that might like to support us in this way next year?)

We have made contact with the Interfaith Youth Core, and have been invited to join their Bridge Builders Network. The Interfaith Youth Core is led by Eboo Patel, and works to educate and organize young people in interfaith community service.

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