Monday, November 11, 2013

Do you have a comment on the Stepping Toward the Lion film, or on using the discussion guide for it??

We're happy to announce that John Lyden's film, Stepping Toward the Lion, is now complete!! the DVD has been duplicated and packaged, and there have been a couple of local screenings- more to follow.
If you have seen the film, and would like to leave a comment for us, please do so below. We'd love to hear what you think...and comments may even turn into conversations among contributors...and us, too!
Gert Johnson has developed a discussion guide that can be used when the film is shown in a class or other type of educational setting. I don't see a way to attach it here, but if you'd like a copy, please email me at paulabweiss AT (substituting "@" for the "AT", of course) and I'll send one to you.
Comments about this discussion guide most welcome, as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. thanks for your comments~ they can follow this post.

  2. I just watched Stepping Toward the Lion: Finding My Story and it is the best $35 I have ever invested! I plan to share this in my local region in Maine so others can see the miracle of storytelling. Thanks to all the backers of John's work, the coaches, storytellers and their families for making this possible.